Our solutions


Based on your specification and/or a water analysis, we can offer you tailor-made solutions that are adapted to your context and budget.


 Our solutions


Thanks to its Engineering & Design department and its production resources, CETIL can offer complementary solutions in order to supply water treatment units that are perfectly adapted to your needs and your specification.


In addition to our water treatment units, we can install the following components:


  • UV steriliser
  • Reverse osmosis unit
  • Softener
  • Flexible chlorinated water storage tank
  • Flexible settling tank system
  • Chlorine injection unit
  • Flocculant injection unit
  • Any other complementary services stated in the specification


Opting for a CETIL solution means choosing an innovative international company backed by a competent and responsive team that can adapt to meet its clients’ requirements.


The CETIL support process


  • Assignment of a single point of contact from the design through to the commissioning phase
  • Provision of a complete installation manual allowing for the start-up and maintenance of the unit in a self-sufficient manner
  • Creation of a hotline
  • Technical support can be offered through videoconferencing
  • If requested, CETIL technicians can be sent out to install and commission the unit
  • In-house creation of a PAM—Product Assistance & Maintenance—file (traceability of materials, maintenance and support logs, etc.)